I do what I want.

I do what I want

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This interview is getting long, but I figure it is the set up for what I’m going to try to do here, which is document every weird, painful, hopeful, evil, creepy, disturbing, eventually triumphant element of this disease. This fight.

Jack’s Mannequin: Dear Jack [x]

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Andrew McMahon Retires Jack’s Mannequin


Reports of Andrew McMahon laying Jack’s Mannequin to rest began in February, and it looks like McMahon has now confirmed that he is once again transitioning in his life into another project. To further back up the news, Jack’s Mannequin’s once website now redirect’s to McMahon’s own site. You can read two lengthy blog posts from McMahon while awaiting further confirmation below by clicking “Read More.”

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does this mean that we saw him in his farewell tour? ;)

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